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Twede Family Pictures



It is rare for me to get my family in front of the camera. I have an almost two-year-old that just wants to pick up rocks and a husband that can appreciate a good family session about once a year.

This time I had to practice at the emergency backup location I found to replace Neff's Canyon when I learned it was on fire. I really got a taste of what it is like to plan your own session and stress over outfits. I ended up choosing one color and pairing it with creams and grays. I had a dress that I loved and I put my son in a cream sweater with dark jeans. I frantically searched the mall for something for my husband. Believe it or not, it was nearly impossible to find a solid color long sleeve shirt without a logo. Thankfully Buckle came to my rescue. The kind employees there were more than willing to help me and grab lots of options for me. I paired his dark green shirt with some light pants- a good rule of thumb I like to follow with choosing outfits is if you have something dark on the top, pair it with something light on the bottom and vice versa.

We headed up the canyon and I propped up my tripod and had a speed mini session with my family! I use my phone as my remote for my camera and quickly snapped away. Wesley was almost cooperative haha.

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