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I *adore* my family. We are all close and we are all amazing friends. As some of us have grown, gone to college, gotten married, and started careers and families of our own, I

love being able to capture a snapshot of our lives through photography.

My brother Dallin and his family came into town all the way from Michigan for Labor Day! They have two adorable girls. I was thrilled when they asked me to do a family shoot while they were in town. We originally planned to do an evening shoot, but we soon realized that wasn't going to be the best option. Dallin and Jess wanted something close by, but still in nature. We landed on Neff's Canyon and I am SO happy we did! I think it turned out beautifully.

Their daughter in yellow and my son are 2 months apart in age. It was so much fun to see the two kiddos interact with each other and see the differences in personality. Brielle is sweet, opinionated, and smart. She loved to shout "ooooh!" any time she saw something new or something she loved.

I loved this location so much this year, I decided to hold mini sessions! I'm so excited for all the families that have signed up that get their pictures taken at this stunning fall spot.

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