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Bright & Airy

Madi Twede Photography is known for their bright and airy style. What you wear will play a large part in how your pictures look. When looking for clothes, try to keep in mind the mood and energy of the clothes.  

Start with a foundation

The best practice when choosing an outfit is to start with a foundation of one color. From there, add complimenting colors and layers. Accessorize to add depth and texture to your outfit. Watches, jackets, earrings, fun shoes, belts, and scarves all add personality and detail to your outfit. 

Texture & Colors

A little texture can go a long way. Try to avoid patterns that heavily distract from your face. When choosing a foundation color, soft, light colors bring the airy look that we strive for.  These color groups may be helpful for you when choosing complimentary colors for others in your party, or accessories for your own outfit!

How will these pictures be displayed? 

Are you hoping to get a picture to hang on your bright red wall? Odds are you should wear something that will compliment and not clash with that wall. Create outfits that fit well in the space they will be displayed. 


Definitely make sure these outfits represent you! It is okay to break the "rules" to bring personality to your session. Your session should 100% reflect you and who you are. 

Rock it!

When you feel amazing in an outfit, you will naturally look and feel better in front of the camera. If you find yourself pulling at your shirt, tugging on your jacket, or just generally feeling uncomfortable, find another outfit to wear that you can just be yourself in!

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