Hartshorn Family Pictures

October 16, 2017

Joseph and Rachel both work at the MTC with me, their family is so sweet. They wanted some fall colors in their pictures, so we decided to go up Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon. I had only been up here once before and I wasn't the one driving. When I left for the session, I was pretty sure I'd have enough gas in my tank to get me up and back down without a sweat. I forgot to account for the fact that it takes way more gas to travel up a hill than it does to drive on level ground. Oops haha. While I drove the long and crazy bumpy road up to the field, I watched as my estimated mileage slowly dropped. 

There was a point when my apple watch told me I was about 2 miles away from my destination and my car told me I had about 6 miles left in my tank. I breathed slowly and continued up the mountain. To my surprise, the miles on my car dropped faster than the miles on my watch. I watched as I was .5 miles away and my car let me know I only had two miles left in my tank. It was a bit nerve-wracking watching the numbers drop at different rates, praying I'd be able to make to my session. 


Luckily, I made it to the top of Squaw Peak with a total of ZERO miles left in my tank.  But all that matters is that I made it, right? The session went flawlessly. The Hartshorns are such good people, and such a cute family. I think their good spirits are what made my car decide to let me make it to the gas station before completely giving out on me. 




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