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Hours Needed

The biggest difference between the packages is amount of hours for the wedding day. For LDS weddings that occur in the temple, the family pictures and couple pictures usually take two hours to complete. With those two hours, and the length of your reception, that will tell you how many hours you need for the wedding day. If you are not having an LDS wedding, there are a few more variables when it comes to choosing the package. How long will your ceremony be? Will you have a reception following the event? Do you want getting ready pictures? These questions will all help you answer how many hours you need for your wedding day.

Additional Sessions

There are two additional sessions available for couples before their wedding day. The first session is an an engagement session and should be booked for no later than two months before the wedding day. This allows for ample time to deliver the images and print invitations. The second session available is the bridal session. A lot of couples opt to have a session apart from the wedding day for them to dress up in their wedding attire in a scenic location. This can help remove stress from the wedding day, and give more images to print!

Additional Photographer

An additional photographer is very useful when it comes to the getting ready pictures. An additional photographer allows for images to be captured of both the bride and groom at the same time, so no moments are missed. The deluxe package includes an additional photographer, but one can be added to any package for an additional fee. Please email me for more information regarding a second shooter!

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